A Different Approach to Threat Hunting, Threat Intelligence, and Secure Development Lifecycle

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Crash-assisted Threat Hunting

Attackers can bypass all security defenses but they can’t avoid making mistakes. We catch these mistakes through crash analysis.
Crash-based Threat Hunting
ZecOps - Automated Crash Forensics Platform
ZecOps provides the industry-first automated crash forensics platform across devices, operating systems and applications.

By continuously analyzing the inevitable crashes, the platform catches disruptive and destructive attackers’ mistakes, enabling the discovery of APTs, 0-days and hidden vulnerabilities that would be almost impossible to detect in any other way.

Case study

How a Small Crash Led to a Sophisticated Attack Discovery

software crash
The Browser
encountered a sudden crash
analysis and identification
ZecOps analyzed the crash and discovered an attack
exploit and malicious activity
The payload & exploit were extracted automatically

How It Works

From Attackers’ Mistakes to Threat Discovery

How We Do It

Find Attackers' Mistakes™

ZecOps - find attackers' mistakes

ZecOps Capabilities

Automate APTs, 0-Days & Vulnerability Discovery

discovery of APTs, 0-days and vulnerabilities
Discovery, Analysis and Remediation of APTs, 0-Days, Vulnerabilities and Weaknesses
Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR)
Risk and Compromise Assessment
Risk and Compromise Assessment
Identify Issues
Identify Issues Right in the Source Code
Enterprises, Governments and VIPs

Built for Enterprises, Governments, and VIPs

Leading enterprises and governments already leverage crash-analysis. ZecOps allows organizations to benefit from analyzing crashes automatically.
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