Is my device compromised?

There are many signs that might indicate an attack, but how can you be sure?

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ZecOps for Mobile is the only available tool that provides the capability to extract, deliver, and analyze the mobile device logs for signs of compromise or malicious activity."

Department of state
G7 Government

100x Depth

Designed to Discover Advanced Cyber Threats

Access the device at the deepest levels possible in order to discover a range of advanced cyber threats such as Mobile APTs and 0-Days Attacks, which would otherwise be hidden.

Inspection time with
ZecOps for Mobile™

100x Speed

Automated Mobile Analysis. At Scale.

Powered by a proprietary intelligence engine, ZecOps enables automated discovery of advanced cyber attacks reducing the risk assessment time from months to minutes. Allowing potentially to check tens of thousands of devices per month.

Solution Comparison

Your options to determine if you were compromised and how

ZecOps for Mobile

Consultant Firm


Agentless Deployment


Instant Analysis Results

Advanced Attacks Discovery

Be in control of your own device. it’s about time.

Your Mobile Devices

Smartphone, Tablets, Android, iOS

ZecOps Instant Analysis

Cloud & On-prem deployment

Smart Incident Response

Incident response process

Your Mobile Devices

Smartphone, Tablets, Android, iOS

ZecOps Instant Analysis

Cloud deployment, On-premesis deployment

Smart Incident response

Smartphone, Tablets, Android, iOS

Privacy Friendly

Designed to access the device logs at the deepest levels possible, without infringing on any material PII


The world’s first fully automated, agent-less solution for mobile devices

Cloud / Air-gapped Deployments

Suitable for connected as well as private or isolated networks

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