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ZecOps® is a fast growing cyber-security startup. We are expanding our team in Tel Aviv. To join the revolution, send relevant resumes to

Senior SW Developer

  • At least 3 years experience writing code in Java

  • At least 3 years experience writing code in Python

  • Experience with Spring Boot - A must

  • Experience working with databases using Hibernate or JDBC (Hibernate preferred)

  • Experience developing multithreaded applications

  • Knowledge in ElasticSearch, SQL, Machine Learning - High Advantage

  • Develop Technologies: Git, Maven, IntelliJ

Senior Frontend Developer

  • Angular 2+

  • At least 2 years of experience

  • Experience working with Angular work-space that contains multiple projects (few shared lib projects as well)

  • Experience working at a multi tenancy environment

Nice to Have
  • Working with REST API

  • Working with bootstrap

  • Experience working on dashboards is also a nice one

Security Researcher & Exploit Developer

  • Understanding of Operating Systems internals

  • Understanding of modern security mitigations

  • Experience in exploit development of one or more of the following

    • Browsers / WebKit

    • Kernels (XNU / Windows / Linux / Android)

    • MacOS / iOS Userspace / Kernel Space

  • Reverse Engineering Experience

  • Development capabilities - advantage

Senior DevOps Engineer

  • Managing CI/CD processes up to production environments

  • Building and improving "infrastructure as code" DevOps tools to improve our CI/CD processes

  • Building and maintaining environments on multiple cloud vendors

  • Automating everything.

Required Skills & Experience
  • At least 5 years of Experience with Linux

  • At least 3 years of experience as a DevOps Engineer

  • Proven experience with Bash and Python - a must

  • Experience in handling on-premise infrastructure

  • Thorough understanding of system networking (TCP IP, Load Balancers, routes, sniffers etc.)

  • Experience with Jenkins

  • Hands-on implementation of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery in complex products

  • Experience with Containers and orchestrators (building Docker images, deploying in Kubernetes, etc.)

  • Experience with Maven based Java builds - high advantage

  • Experience with ElasticSearch in large-scale production environments - advantage

  • Ability to work under high pressure and out of the box thinker

  • Excellent communication skills in Hebrew and English – written and verbal

  • Quick technical learning abilities

Mobile SW Engineer

Must have
  • Experience with mobile development

  • Proven experience with iOS and / or Android development

  • Willing to (also) work on macOS apps

  • Willing to learn new technologies such as Flutter

  • Fearlessly able to analyze crash logs

Required Skills & Experience
  • Experience with building macOS apps - great advantage

  • Experience with Swift / Objective-C - great advantage

  • Experience with Flutter - advantage

  • An app in the stores - advantage

  • Experience with: Git, Xcode, Android Studio, CI/CD

  • Ability to work under pressure in a versatile environment

  • Out of the box thinker

  • Team player, excellent communication skills in Hebrew and English – written and verbal

  • Quick technical learning abilities

Nice to have
  • Security experience

  • Hacker as a hobby

  • Created and maintained open source projects


Our mobile team holds multiple projects and we are focusing not only on the mobile domain. By joining us you will contribute to our products such as: macOS apps, mobile apps and mobile SDKs.

  • Develop and maintain high scalable macOS apps

  • Integrate with low-level services

  • Maintain and develop high scalable mobile SDKs (iOS SDK, Android SDK, Flutter plugin)

  • Bring out-of-the box solutions

  • Continuously improve our various products

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