Agentless, Automated Digital Forensics for Financial Institutions

ZecOps for Mobile is the only available tool that provides the capability to extract, deliver, and analyze the mobile device logs for signs of compromise or malicious activity."
We are impressed with ZecOps’ innovative approach and technology and providing their unique solution to additional Swisscom customers in Switzerland."

World's most comprehensive DFIR solution for all touchpoints

Banking apps
Mobile devices
Mobile Threat Intelligence
Discover and extract sophisticated attacks
Assess risk posture of Executives' phones
Perform automated compromise assessment on mobile devices of executives who have access to sensitive data
Uncover weaknesses in your banking apps
Identify weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and payloads used by attackers on your banking app
Help your top clients secure their phones
Attract and retain high net worth individual customers with an advanced mobile security service
Discover targeted attacks on ATMs
Identify threat actors when they are targeting, fuzzing, and exploiting weaknesses in your ATMs
Targeted attack identification
Identify APTs, exploits and malicious payloads within days of deployment; Detect cyber espionage campaigns
Discover malware components affecting your app users
Discover vulnerabilities and payloads leveraged by the attackers

Banks use ZecOps advanced digital forensics platform for identifying cyberattacks within minutes

Bridge the talent shortage and perform deep forensics in-house
Obtain threat analysis reports within minutes, instead of months
Access the world's most comprehensive mobile threat intelligence
Agent-less solution
On-premises or cloud deployment
Privacy friendly
Machine-learning based automation

Case Study - A Financial Institution

Executive at a bank suspected that their phone is being tapped
The bank had ZecOps Kiosk installed on the executive floor
Executive used the kiosk to run deep mobile inspection
ZecOps now conducts on-demand mobile inspections on the bank's executive floor

Valued Partners & Customers

governments & defense organizations
Governments and defense organizations in Latin America, Central & Western Europe
"More than 900 Million iPhones Affected By Updated Apple iOS Warning found by ZecOps"

Empower your organization with Automated Security Capabilities

Enable threat hunting - proactive and managed - with full device activity details
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