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How to keep safe from Pegasus and other NSO-like companies

Find out how the latest NSO breaches affect you and your organization — and how to stay secured.

Topics discussed

  • Why Mobile is the new attackers’ focus?
  • Recent mobile attacks (0-clicks)
  • Who are NSO group / Pegasus
  • Impact, implications and risks
  • What was found and not found?
  • Are there other companies like NSO?
  • Automatic discovery of advanced mobile attacks in a similar ways to Pegasus discovery by ZecOps
  • How to keep safe from Pegasus, other NSO-like companies, and other APTs?
  • Scalability of mobile attacks
  • How widespread mobile attacks are?
  • Best practices for security

Delivered by

Profile photo of Zuk Avraham
Zuk Avraham
ZecOps co-founder, a security researcher and serial entrepreneur who previously founded Zimperium.

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