Crash Analysis For Applications

Discover and remediate weaknesses, vulnerabilities, attacks and bugs for your applications

Automated capabilities

Shift Security Left in the Dev Process

Discover Vulnerabilities
Discover, Analyze and Remediate Vulnerabilities
Detect hidden vulnerabilities and weaknesses during all the phases of the software development lifecycle before the regular QA process.
Detection of Attacks
Detection of advanced in-the-wild Attacks
Identify APTs and Zero-Days with proactive and continuous testing for progressive software security.
DevOps and Security issues
Distinguish between DevOps and Security issues
Identify security issues vs. DevOps issues with the only platform that analyzes crashes to detect attackers’ mistakes

Secure your App

Launch a trustworthy application to your customers and users as security has become a key component of the development process.
ZecOps - Secure Your Applications demo
Streamline SDL screenshot

Streamline your SDL

Improve your Secure Development Life Cycle with advanced automatic cabilities and shift from DevOps to DevSecOps.

Automate your Workflow

Automate and improve your workflow by connecting it to your tools (such as GitHub, Jira, CircleCI, Slack, etc.)
Automate your Workflow
Secure Development Lifecycle

For Developers / Security Engineers

Secure Development Lifecycle
ZecOps for Applications enables DevOps teams to discover vulnerabilities (CVEs) & weaknesses (CWEs) in their application.

Platform Advantages

Smart Automation. Lightning Fast.

Seamless Deployment in 5 min
ZecOps solution is deployed quickly and seamlessly and is operational within minutes.
Machine Learning Insights
ZecOps’ proprietary technology is based on state-of-the-art machine learning.
SDK based
ZecOps solution is SDK-based, enabling simple and quick integration.
ZecOps solution is an open-source crash analysis solution, maximizing security in the dev process.

Bridge the Gap between Security and DevOps

Reduce mean-time to production and increase deployment frequency
ZecOps - Free trial
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