Crash Analysis For
Endpoints & Servers

Discover persistent, disruptive, and destructive attacks before the damage is done.
ZecOps - Crash Analysis For Endpoints & Servers

Automated capabilities

Detect Stealthy Attackers

Discovery of APTs and 0-days
Discovery and Remediation
Detect, remediate and analyze automatically 0-days, APTs and advanced attacks that went unnoticed by existing security controls.
Risk and Compromise Assessment
Risk and Compromise Assessment
Identify suspicious devices, past and ongoing cyber espionage campaigns on organizations' devices and assess cyber risk exposure.
Actionable Threat Intelligence
Actionable Threat Intelligence
Generate meaningful information about threats targeting the organization to prevent and mitigate cyber-attacks.
Automatically Extract Exploits & Payloads report

Automatically Extract Exploits & Payloads

Discover advanced attacks, persistence, re-infections and lateral movement by extracting exploits and payloads that evaded security controls.

Rapid Investigations

Shift from manual to automated analysis and shorten Tier-4 investigations time from months to minutes and reduce costs significantly.
Rapid Investigations screenshot
Augment your Existing Security Tools

Augment your Existing Security Tools

Automate data collection, analysis and processing, and integrate with existing security platforms and tools (such as SIEM, EDR, etc.).

Case study

How a Small Crash Led to a Sophisticated Attack Discovery

software crash
Software application encountered a sudden crash
analysis and identification
ZecOps analyzed the crash and identified malicious activity
exploit and malicious activity
The attacker tools and exploit-code were extracted automatically

Use Cases

ZecOps for servers and endpoints assesses the device’s security posture by checking continuously if and when the device was attacked and how the attack occurred. The investigations run automatically, the root cause analysis is exposed and the threat actors are removed from the infected device.
ZecOps for servers and endpoints empowers SOC analysts with the following capabilities: threat hunting automation with continuous assets’ compromise and risk assessment, advanced DFIR investigation insights, and assets with outdated software and failed Operating System updates discovery. 
ZecOps for servers and endpoints enables all employees to benefit the automated identification of advanced attackers otherwise unnoticed, breached devices root-cause analysis within minutes and the detection of cyber espionage campaigns on the organizations' devices.
Advanced Security Teams

For Advanced Security Teams

ZecOps for Endpoints & Servers enables security teams to improve SOC productivity and reduce costs on incident response.

Platform Advantages

Smart Automation. Lightning Fast.

Seamless Deployment in 5 min
ZecOps solution is deployed quickly and seamlessly and is operational within minutes.
Agentless / Lightweight
ZecOps solution supports both agentless and lightweight agent-based types of deployment.
Cloud / Air-gapped Deployments
ZecOps solution is also suitable for connected as well as private or isolated networks.
Machine Learning Insights
ZecOps’ proprietary technology is based on state-of-the-art machine learning.

Latest Research

Technology that drives real results by finding advanced attacks in the wild, and provides automated remediation.

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Empower your Team with Automated Security Capabilities

Enable threat hunting - proactive and managed - with full device activity details
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