Innovative Mobile DFIR solutions
for iOS and Android
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Mobile attacks
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Innovative Mobile DFIR Solutions for iOS and Android
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governments & defense organizations
World-leading Governments & Defense Organizations
FIBI - First International Bank of Israel

Common Signs of a Compromised Smartphone

How do I know if my device is attacked?
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Discover Attacks, 0-Day Exploits & Vulnerabilities

How It Works

From Attackers’ Mistakes to Threat Discovery

governments & defense organizations

Built for Enterprises, Governments, and VIPs

World leaders, Journalists, VIPs, Generals, and others use ZecOps to Discover Mobile Cyber Espionage
Discover advanced attacks, 0-day exploits and sophisticated payloads
Security Engineer
Developers | Security Engineers
Discover weaknesses & vulnerabilities in your apps & code
ZecOps for Mobile is the only available tool that provides the capability to extract, deliver, and analyze the mobile device logs for signs of compromise or malicious activity."
We are impressed with ZecOps’ innovative approach and technology and providing their unique solution to additional Swisscom customers in Switzerland."


2020 Golden Bridge Awards

Startup of the Year | Security Software

Silver Stevie Award

Tech Startup Software of the Year | Software
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